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Nay Luma releases brand new feel-good pop song ‘Breakthrough’


Nay Luma releases brand new feel-good pop song ‘Breakthrough’

Detroit Michigan Nay Luma releases harmonically-rich pop anthem ‘Breakthrough’ with (Lewis Hensley). The track is about being in the moment and taking on what you want at that time. So if you are feeling the music and feeling the one that you were with, let them know. Hearing the track reminds you of good times in your life, filled with a contagious electric guitar, drums, and several melodies; each beat and lyric feels unforgettable.

The dance vibes the track brings; can be played on the beach, in the car! Nay Luma sings with intense emotion. Be sure to check out this summer tune ‘Breakthrough.’ Nay Luma is a pop EDM artist from Detroit Michigan. The talented singer has been exploring the modeling industry modeling for six years in such a small industry. It wasn’t until Nay Luma met Red one (Lady Gaga’s producer) and made it out of Detroit and redirected to music. When speaking about her journey, she says: “it’s always been a passion of mine, but it wasn’t until then that I realized it was my true calling. I do hope I will eventually work on the track with him.” 

Listen to the full track below:

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