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My second Reiki session


My second Reiki session


This time I knew what to expect and I was excited about seeing the affects of Reiki once the initial feeling of anxiousness of the unknown had gone.

On arrival, Shakira was her friendly, grounded self. We sat down, and I updated her on my life and current endeavours (this is part of the consultation). She got me to lay on the bed as before and placed the stones on my chakras.

This session was more relaxing as I was now comfortable with the process. I felt the heat/energy most prominent from my head. We finished the session with me feeling really focused, still and ready.

She also did a card reading, with the results of the cards being very fitting to me. I did chuck a smile when I read the profile I selected without even seeing the front of the card. It was the dove, which was all about slowing down. I am always on the go and sometimes I don’t even take the time out to really think.

I noticed all these amazing dreamcatchers placed around Shakira’s home – bright colours and all different designs. She makes and sells them online. These are such a pretty gift for any females, young and old! You can check them out on her Instagram page and book any Reiki sessions with her through there.

Read my first experience here.

Words : @TheRubyMaeMoore

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