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Modern Mexican Catina Laredo review

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Modern Mexican Catina Laredo review

Catina Laredo based in the heart of Covent Garden London will have you feeling that you are in the heart of Mexico. On Friday 10th August our fashion editor took a trip to the most sophisticated restaurant in town. From the service to the layout of the food, you can tell that this spot bases their values on complete elegance.


We has the classic Guacamole which is infused with avocado, red onions, jalapeno, coriander and tomatoes served with warm tortilla chips. We are also giving a small portion of cheese on the side bringing the whole meal together. It was very filling, yet perfect for a snack.


The mains were the favourite part of the entire meal, not only is the meal good portion for sharing but it is infused with so many different flavours. We had the Tortitas de platano which is plantain, black bean puree along with guajiilo chile oil. This was a great meal before a night out as we were worried that we would look bloated in our pictures that we take later on but this meal is filling to the point where you feel satisfied instead of stuffed.



There was a good selection of yummy drinks to choose from, the drinks on the right named ‘Have a little frozen faith’ which infuses of Grapefruit, passionfruit, AquaRiva Reposado, and agave nectar with ice. Giving you the perfect kick for your friday night. On the left hand side is a delicious cocktail named ‘Paloma to the Poms’ served with passionfruit, vanilla and mint.

This is a great spot for date night, a night with your girls or even for a light snack as the price range is amazing.



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