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MIXNBLEND With MIXTAPE Shadow palette


MIXNBLEND With MIXTAPE Shadow palette

Uk based beauty online store MIXNBLEND have recently launched their stunning shadow set MIXTAPE, contrasting of twelve shades, with 4 shimmers and eight matte shades.


The inspiration behind this palette is found in the concept of an artist handing out their mixtape. Why we complete love this idea is because just like a mixtape which is filled with different songs and melodies this palette is similar, in that each shade is different – different tones and undertones.

MIXTAPE is described as a body of work just like an ordinary mixtape. Each shade represents a different tape/track. Each shade compliments one another and no two tones are the same, yet they all work in unison to create the desired look.

Why we love this palette is because just as I keep mentioning ‘Party season’ has arrived! The cool toned mattes work extremely well with the glittery shades for the perfect party look.

Colours included:


Amara A warm dusty brown, great as a base and could work well with Pitch as a base which is a cool tanned shade.

Callypso a honey brown, great if you want a natural beat with a little warmth.

Titan which is similar to Amara however it has more of a deep burgundy feel.

Encore is pretty much party A deep purple, perfect if you’re feeling smokey.

Falcon is a mix between a purple with a subtle hint of brown for the cool tone effect. Can be used as a transitioning shade.


Amadi is pretty in pink and will forever make a statement! Use this on top of any matte shade for the party ready look.

Sinclair is the honey champagne shade every girl needs in a palette. Evening for drinks or a simple date night look – Sinclair has you covered.

Libertine the perfect Jade colour for a dinner party. Make an elegant entrance with this shade and spark the night away.

Yode is such a beautiful unique colour. If you know your way around a blue shimmer then this is the shade for you!

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