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Milani Eyeshadows – A Review


Milani Eyeshadows – A Review

Deciphering a new eyeshadow palette in the current make-up industry can seem an impossible task. Beauty brands are introducing new releases almost weekly, so where do we even begin?


There are so many different palettes on the market, each promising to deliver high quality, strong pigments, and long-lasting looks. However, not all products can deliver on these promises.


There are brands producing eyeshadow palettes retailing from £5, such as drugstore brands, and other, more luxurious brands, selling palettes retailing from £50. Both palettes advertising to ensure long-lasting shadows that are highly pigmented. It can be hard to know who to trust and what to try.


Milani Cosmetics are a brand that targets the beauty needs of women of every demographic around the world. For over 25 years Milani Cosmetics have been making superior cosmetics establishing a name in beauty industries all around the world. Every year they do the runways of London and Milan fashion weeks- Inspired by Milan and look by Milani.


Milani Cosmetics are also an affordable brand whilst delivering top quality products – the best of both worlds! They have recently launched a new collection of Gilded eyeshadow palettes – the Luster Light, Twilight, and Nude eyeshadow palette.


Milani Gilded Eyeshadow Palette Luster Light

Milani Gilded Eyeshadow Palette Nude

Milani Gilded Eyeshadow Palette Twilight


Each palette consisted of creamy, highly pigmented shades that lasts despite any interference or rubbing. The shimmer/glitter shades are especially beautiful and blend perfectly with the matte colours which can be difficult with some palettes and formulas.


Each palette retails for £28.95 from Milani Cosmetics, they are averagely priced and much cheaper than half of the palettes on the market of the same quality! I would definitely recommend purchasing these palettes or anything from the Milani collection. They would make an especially good Christmas present for a lucky individual this year!

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