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Maiya Blaney unveils brand new single ‘Something Bout U’


Maiya Blaney unveils brand new single ‘Something Bout U’

Brimming with neo-soul and R&B influences, Maiya Blaney oozes cool on her sultry new single ‘Something Bout U’.

The groove of the track is carried by the Brooklyn-based artist’s buttery smooth vocals, as intricate strings cushion her every word. There’s a poetic essence to her music that soaks through her lyricism, and her lilting melodies evoke aspects of classic 90’s hip-hop with a fresh, modern touch. Describing the inspiration behind the single, Maiya quotes  “The song is about love, of course, but the easy kind. The part of it where it feels like nothing could go wrong”, and her passion exudes from every note. 

Dexterous and dedicated, at just 21 years old Maiya has defined her artistic self in a manner that is far beyond her years. With her upcoming debut album ‘3’ due to be released 3/21/21, ‘Something Bout U’ teases a collection of songs that marry perfectly with the summertime and the youthful exuberance of love and romance. 

A genre-blending maestro whose music will appeal to many, Maiya Blaney is one to keep an eye on this year.

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