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Looking Back at the Beauty Trends of 2017


Looking Back at the Beauty Trends of 2017


Thanks to Kylie Jenner, we all know that 2017 was the year of, like, realising stuff, but it was also the year of some of the most creative make-up and beauty trends in recent years too. Most of them weren’t for the faint-hearted either, although we must admit to secretly wanting to try ‘squiggly’ brows one day, just to see what our colleagues reactions would be when we turned up to work!


Squiggly, feathered, rainbow – you name it, someone has tried to do it to their brows this year. This was the trend that most of the mainstream media picked up on too, although some people just didn’t *get* it. Rainbow brows are my personal fave, as you still keep the original shape of the brow, so it doesn’t end up distorting the shape of your face.


Kat von D have a brand new range of brightly coloured brow pomades coming into stock sometime in the new year though, which means this trend shows no signs of abating just yet. I’ve personally got my eyes on the bright red shade from them.



2017 was the year of the ‘glo-up’ in more ways than one.

Literally speaking, every single make-up brand under the sun launched multiple highlighters, strobe creams and ‘glow kits’ to ensure everyone had perfectly poppin’ jawbones. The runaway winner of the year was Rihanna’s offering with the gorgeously shimmering gold Trophy Wife highlighter from her Fenty Beauty collection that launched this year. For 2018, I’m predicting even more iridescent colours and shimmers – maybe even just straight-up glittery cheeks.



Photo Credit: Go Get Glitter

Speaking of glitter, the sparkly dust of dreams got to come out to play for longer than just the summer festival months this year and I am personally here for this trend all the way.

Turns out you can put glitter in your hair, all over your body and face – honestly anywhere you want.

Companies like The Gypsy Shrine sell those big patterned glitter/jewel pieces you’ll have seen all over the Ibiza scene this year, but you can also do a pretty good job yourself with basic craft glitter and some glitter pigment primer (NYX does a brilliant one).



Celebrity Brands

I’ve already mentioned Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty but she’s not the only celebrity to enter the beauty market this year. Another major trend of 2017 was famous stars launching their own brands, or collaborating with well-known high-street retailers. Fenty Beauty was by far the best-received, offering 30 different shades of foundation that attempted to tailor to all ethnicities. Egged on by her half-sister’s success, Kim Kardashian also launched her own brand, KKW, and I’m genuinely in love with her UltraLight Beam highlighters. Place your bets now on which Kardashian sister will try to break the beauty internet next!

Basically, from what I can tell, the future is bright. Like, really bright. I wish you all the most iridescent and shiny of starts to 2018!

Written by Poppy Hutchinson

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