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Long terms relationships – keeping the spark alive!


Long terms relationships – keeping the spark alive!


It’s inevitable when you are in a long-term relationship with someone, and especially if you live with that person, that life will become a bit mundane, full of responsibilities and household things that need to be taken care of.

You may start to take each other for granted, bicker and argue more, and feel like the relationship has lost its fun and sparkle.
Read our 5 handy tips on getting the spark back in your relationship . . .

1. Don’t Stop Talking
Communication is the key to any relationship, and yet so many of us don’t talk to our partners about the deep and meaningful stuff, worries, issues and concerns. This then can end up festering away at you, leaving you feeling that your partner doesn’t care and doesn’t listen to you and your needs.

Set aside time to talk with your partner with no other distractions, allowing each other to talk freely without criticism, and talk together how things can be put right or changed to make things better for you both.

2. Keep The Romance Alive
When you are in a long term relationship, it is easy to slip into a mundane routine of domestic chores, work and general life.

Investing time and effort into your relationship can easily slip by the wayside, but it is probably even more important to do this now. Enjoy weekly Date Nights together – it doesn’t need to be anything fancy or expensive. Take it in turns to choose something to do on your Date Night. This will keep the romance alive and allow you to reconnect with your partner again.

3. Keep the Intimacy Alive!
Remember those days when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other?

Having sex and being intimate with your partner is still important, and is a great way of re-lighting that fire between the two of you again, and reminding each other that you still fancy the pants off your other half!

4. Laugh A Lot!
Try not to get too bogged down with the serious and boring side of life that we all go through. Enjoy each other’s company, laugh with each other and most importantly have fun together.

Laughter is a great way to relieve tension and add a bit of light-hearted humour when there is tension between the two of you.

5. Always say those ‘Three Little Words’
Tell you partner ‘I love You’ every day. Never go to bed on an argument, never let them walk out of the door without telling them you love them.

Remind you partner often what it is about them that you love. Make them feel special, wanted, needed and loved.

Words : Sarah Miles

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Oluwa T Love

    30th June 2017 at 7:33 pm

    To be honest, depending on each others personality, there should be breaks, keep yourselves time apart to re-energize, someone like myself i need space and time alone sometimes, if my partner cannot understand that and respect that, then there will be issues because i will not be living up to my full potential

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