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Lingerie brand Curvy Kate launch diversity campaign #Mybodyvictory


Lingerie brand Curvy Kate launch diversity campaign #Mybodyvictory


Lingerie brand Curvy Kate, which is a brand dedicated for providing lingerie and swimwear for women cup sizes D-K. The company recently launched a diversity campaign recognised via #MyBodyVictory.

The meaning behind #MybodyVictory is to signify something that you love about your body, over on their Instagram page, you will see on some images with the question “what is your body victory” asked.

The campaign includes some of our favourite online influencers and models such as Chanel Ambrose who is a plus size fashion and beauty blogger, online influencer and businesswoman. “I was teased because of my weight, i’ve always been a chubby girl and I have defiantly have had my share of fighting with myself”

Model Clara Holmes, who is a wheelchair user and lifestyle blogger was featured on the Sunday times 2018 alternative rich list. “I spent the past half of a decade being miserable about my situation that I couldn’t change. I was no longer going to compare myself to other people. I was going to enter my 30’s and take advantage of my new way of life”

Inclusiveness matters, so huge props to Curvy Kate for 1. being a gap in the market as we all know that finding a bra in a store from E cup onwards is near impossible and 2. launching such a much needed campaign recognising models and influencers who need that recognition.

What is your #Yourbodyvictory?

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