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Ladies… Clay shooting anyone?

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Ladies… Clay shooting anyone?

From a few friends taking part in a male-dominated sport, to organising the world’s largest dedicated women’s clay shooting event, the ‘National Ladies Shooting Day 2018’ is preparing to open its doors across 22 UK venues this June.

Following in the footsteps of last year’s event, which saw a wave of over 1,400 women turn up and get involved in clay shooting (many for the first time!), This year’s National Ladies Shooting Day (#NLSD2018) is excitedly anticipated to be the largest event yet.

Created by women’s shooting pioneer Victoria Knowles-Lacks, the UK-wide event was launched as a vehicle to encourage women from all backgrounds to shake off the stereotypes and experience the fun, friendship and camaraderie that clay pigeon shooting has to offer. Since launching her club – ‘The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club‘ in 2011, Victoria has encouraged over 15,000 women to break the mould and see for themselves the benefits of shooting, for the fairer sex. Confidence, support, and sisterhood are at the core of the club’s existence.

Victoria commented: “National Ladies’ Shooting Day #NLSD2018 is now in it’s fourth year. The BIGGEST event in the women’s shooting calendar and the biggest all female shooting event on the planet! We’re so proud of our game changing day, which has been the perfect stepping stone in to shooting for hundreds of women! It’s not just shooting, it’s new friends, it’s camaraderie and it’ seeing where the adventure takes you!”

In order to make shooting as accessible as possible for women everywhere, #NLSD2018 will be held at 22 venues right across the UK on 9th June. In addition to a guaranteed day of adrenalin fuelled excitement and great company, there are amazing prizes, goodie bags and coaching all on offer to participants.

Victoria continued: “There’s a stigma around shooting that means most people assume it’s for wealthy men who wear tweed jackets and flat caps. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Clay shooting is enormously fun and many of our shooters see it as a social event too! We’re thrilled to be welcoming women from all backgrounds and the best part is, NLSD is perfect for complete beginners!”

The event will be held at 22 venues around the UK, on Saturday 9th June 2018, so catch us down there. Amor will also be joining in on the fun too, we can’t wait!

For further info and location, please visit the official page at

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