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Kick start your winter body


Kick start your winter body


While summer may be over, there is no need for your health kick to end. We tend to welcome autumn with open arms, accepting baggy jumpers and warming pies and the gym, um, what gym?

Well, we tested out some health products to help you keep that summer bod throughout the colder months.

Natural Nutrients Protein Popcorn

Protein has become something many of us now crave, with the ‘lean body’ mindset taking over Instagram, so Natural Nutrients have tapped into that and created some interesting popcorn treats.

Coming in several different flavours including vanilla and tomato. The bags of popcorn are low calorie and contain no artificial fillers, bulkers or flavourings.

Smart protein snacks

PhD Nutrition aren’t a new brand, but they have had a revamp and produced a new smart range, with everything from protein bars to shakes to powders.

The bars don’t taste as though they are filled with protein powder, but rather naturally are quite nice to eat.

They also developed a range of powders, perfect for baking or making into an instant mouse, perfect for after a late night gym session!

Free Soul tea

Who doesn’t love tea? I know I do! Free Soul has developed a range of wake and sleep teas, they come in beautiful packaging (perfect for Instagram) and taste brilliant. Their wake tea is the perfect refreshing start to the day, the added lemon, bergamot and ginger gives a zingy kick to the morning. The sleep tea, on the other hand, has calming apple, cinnamon and moringa to soothe you into a sleepy state.

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