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Every girl has their own insecurities, but not every girl shows them.

The clever thing about insecurities is that  they are all internal so people can know what you want them to know just like most things in life. Women are good at hiding many things and internal emotions are one of them.

Now none wants to read a Debbie downer article about how emotionally effected women or men are about personal appearances. If you want to get deep please read the blog printed below at the bottom of this article.

Now let’s get onto the main reason for writing this article- I want to talk SEX POSITIONS.

I for one are all up for trying different sex positions, I get all giggly and excited when my man pushes me into an unfamiliar position, it makes me start thinking naughty things and how much fun the next 20 minutes are going to be. With that said as I am doing them a thousand things other than how great it feels are running through my mind.

There are various sex positions, I will talk about some that  I have had the pleasure of trying like 90% of the world but if one thing is different, it is the experience.

Reverse Cow Girl – This one just don’t sit right with me, excuse the pun. Reason being I have no butt, I am not the curviest women and quite frankly for this position I think you need the extra thickness around the waist and hips and the need for some love handles for your man to grab onto. The pros of doing this position are that you get to hide that embarrassing sex face of yours and enjoy the ride, also you don’t have your heavy sweaty boyfriend leaning over you.

The all-time, historic, original of all positions most experienced- Doggy Style- This is a position I don’t mind doing, yet again I have no butt so it doesn’t really make me look very sexy, but a little trick I learnt is the lower you bend over the more curvy you look. You get that Coca Cola bottle figure which makes any women look a millions dollars.Try it !

Secondly, instead of your man cumming inside you which for me is always super messy, as what goes up must come down and all that. In this position you can be-tend to be extra frisky and get your other half to cum on your back, that way no messiness in between the thighs and your man thinks he is the be all and end all because his girlfriend let him cum on her and not in her, add a few noises and bam! You got a sexy freaky ending to your very enjoyable work out session.

My third position which I think is a must to talk about is the Spooning position. O la la do not get me started, this is personally most likely my all-time favourite. Why is this you may ask- well you get the full English with this one. While you’re on your side with your back turned to your other half with him squashed up against you thrusting them hips, he can play with your girly parts as he thrusts you to the speed you most desire hitting every fraction of your insides. Not only do you get dominantly thrusted from behind, again your face is hidden so ladies scrunch them face muscles open that mouth and let it out, none can see you. Secondly, you get your sensitive little friend in the middle of them lips played with and if your man is really good at multi-tasking you get the heavy breathing in the ear with an added nibble and a hand clutching the boob. Triple whammy right. 

So ladies, take each position and remember you can enjoy it regardless, just think, you can make yourself look sexy and feel sexy; never forgetting your man likes you in that position which is why he puts you in it. Think of the pros more than the cons like I do and let him think he is the salt to your chips and fill yourself up with his D*%K

By Paige Russell

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