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Kandi ventures into beauty industry for Kandi Koated Cosmetics


Kandi ventures into beauty industry for Kandi Koated Cosmetics


Boss woman Kandi who we all loved and adored from back in the 2000’s from her solo music career, my favorite song from her album was ‘Don’t think i’m not’ as well as being part of one of the most successful RnB girl band ‘XSCAPE’ from back in the 90’s managed by Jermaine Dupri and is now a Real housewives of Atlanta star, has recently launched her own cosmetics line ‘Kandi Koated Cosmetics’ which is now an add on to one of this mogul’s business ventures.


The lux range which is “aimed at celebrating and accentuating beauty in all its diversity, includes nude lipsticks, metallic eye shadows and a range of palette shades suited for all skin tones.

The cruelty free range will only be available for purchase via Bedroom Kandi Boutiques Parties hosted by Bedroom Kandi consultants in your area. (so not available in the UK as of yet unfortunately) However I have no doubt that Kandi who hosts her own late night bravo show ‘Kandi Koated Nights’ will defiantly be branching out very soon.

According to a recent report on the beauty industry via Nielsden, “the number of unique facial cosmetic colors available on shelves has grown by 22% over the last five years” it’s a new day in the beauty industry, although there is still a long way to go but when influencers and stars such as Kandi decide to make her own venture for black women, it opens up the market just that much wider for inclusiveness and we are living for it!

Kandi recently spoke to Ebony magazine giving us some gems for people wanting to be their own boss babes.

“My advice to anyone out there looking to go into business is to first cut back on your spending…Pull back on your expenses and put money to the side until you’ve stacked up enough to put toward your dream. If you’re not willing to invest in you, why would anyone else?”

As well as balancing her new beauty venture, Kandi continues to still be a boss woman with her multiple businesses including her southern styled food restaurant ‘Old Lady Gang’ which is managed by herself and her hubby with all of the food carefully cooked by her Mum and Aunties who work at the restaurant giving the food real authenticity.

As well as being the only cast member on Real Housewives of Atlanta who tries her best to stay out of mix-up and focuses on her family and grind, Kandi is still receiving those coins from the Xscape crew who she regularly tours with on old tunes, but has decided to not return to the band full time to work on new music.

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