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Jennifer Juliette unveils brand new track ‘Columns’


Jennifer Juliette unveils brand new track ‘Columns’

The super talented singer embarks on a healing journey in the new track ‘Columns”. The violin and cello led instrumental give the project a magical coat. Columns reflects on past pain and love; Jennifer Juilette’s symbolic lyricism webbed throughout Columns could make it her most emotional project yet. The instrumental contributes to her deep storytelling – the uptempo sound change reflects on Jennifer Juilette’s hope for healing.

When speaking about ‘Columns’ Jennifer Juilette states “Columns” was written as a reminder that even the strongest foundations can break under stress and distrust. A breakup anthem for anyone who is isolated and lost despite being with a loved one. The piano accompaniment is stormy and dark, reminiscent of “Anchor” at the beginning. The melody then lifts but is underpinned by the strong beating heart of bass echoing throughout. At the end the final declaration “tore these pillars down” is sung at a high belt, as though screaming at a lover who did you wrong.”


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