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Issa Rae completly glowing for Glamour Magazine’s TV Issue


Issa Rae completly glowing for Glamour Magazine’s TV Issue


The ‘Insecure’ star Issa Rae is looking effortless in the recent Glamour TV issue interviewed by founder of everyone’s favorite gossip page ‘The shade room’ Angelica Nwandu.

Issa explains in her interview that she was one of the very first black women to create and star in her own TV show “There was no blueprint in my career” she goes into great depth of how she is extremely confident in her craft and what she brings to the table as a creative writer and producer. Issa does not get swayed into doing something that does not pleases her whether that be in her career, dating etc but she has had her fair share of disappointments and doubt in her career but now stands firm in having full creative control of her craft.


I don’t feel as naive as I once was. I’m way more confident in what I bring to the table now.” Issa becomes extremely truthful in her interview explaining that the self doubt left once she started making the money back, proving that there is a gap in the market for TV Shows like Insecure who portray a relatable image. Read the full interview here 

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