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Is It Possible to Host a Low-Budget Wedding That Isn’t Tacky? We Think So: Here’s How

Low-budget wedding


Is It Possible to Host a Low-Budget Wedding That Isn’t Tacky? We Think So: Here’s How

Tips on how to host a low-budget wedding – We all know how pricey weddings can be – and it feels like nowadays, you need to spend a lot of money in order to have the wedding of your dreams. But this just isn’t true! It’s more than possible to have a wedding on a low budget without it coming off as cheap and tacky – read on to find out exactly how you can pull it off!

Low-budget wedding

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The Outfit

One of the most important parts of any wedding is, of course, the dress. It’s got to look good and feel good, not only for guests to admire in wonder, but for you to look back at photographs and cherish the memories.

Dresses can be incredibly expensive, but a little digging can get you a good price, ensuring you keep your special day in the low-budget wedding price bracket. Checking out sales and online discounts can get you a great price – you can always try a dress in store, and search for it cheaper online. You can also check out second-hand; although many people may be put off by the idea of a second-hand dress, it’s worth remembering these dresses have only been worn once, and are practically as good as new! It’s also best to know that if you find a good price on a dress, but the fit is slightly off, it’s worth purchasing! Often, it can be cheaper to buy a dress and alter it than to look for another that is exactly your size, so don’t be put off by any slight mismatching in sizing or measurements.

Low-budget wedding

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The Venue

A wedding venue can take out a huge chunk of your budget, so if you can cut the amount you spend on your venue, then you’ll already find yourself much better off with money. The first rule when looking for a venue is to not mention the word wedding. Many places will up the cost of renting their venue purely because they know that couples will be willing to pay more for their special day. There are plenty of low-cost options for your venue without losing any class. The first thing you should try is to ask around friends and family, and see if they know any venues that you can get in touch with, or know any contacts who may be able to put you in touch with a venue for cheap. If not, it’s worth checking out local venuesthese often tend to be cheaper than the more popular choices without losing any quality. In fact, you’re more likely to get something different by choosing a local venue, and can support local businesses at the same time – it’s a win-win!

Speaking of win-wins, this post on For Better For Worse outlines a ton of information as to how you can create your dream wedding on a budget, including lots of useful information on finding a venue for less. Their site also offers plenty of information on planning your wedding, with a variety of advice on venues as well as offers to help you find great deals. The perfect place for those hosting a low-budget wedding!


The Entertainment

Entertainment is a huge part of any wedding – no one wants their guests to be bored out of their minds, or even worse, cringing at the awkward DJ. Having some quality entertainment can be difficult to find without spending some money, but not impossible! A good option is to look at up and coming bands, rather than those who are already established in the wedding industry. Some of the younger bands may be cheaper but play just as nicely, and social media will allow you to find samples of their music and entertainment style, meaning you can find great music for a much better price. This goes for other entertainers, whether that’s a cocktail-mixer or a whole acrobatics team – there are plenty of less well-known but fantastic entertainment options.


The Decor

Decor is something that a lot of couples tend to overspend on – in reality, it’s quite simple to source some classy decoration without spending a huge amount of money. Once you’ve decided on a theme, a quick Google or search on Pinterest can help you find some innovative decor ideas for your wedding which you can then recreate yourself. Origami banners can be so simple, but add a little splash of colour and daintiness to your rooms. How about some handmade wedding favours for your guests to admire their uniqueness, take home and treasure forever? Or, you may decide to take a team and pick your own flowers, to add some natural, colourful beauty to the tables. Whatever you like, it’s possible to find a way to do it cheaper without losing any value to your wedding’s appearance.

With a little thought and care, it becomes possible to create your dream wedding on a smaller budget, so you can be sure to spend your wedding enjoying your special day rather than worrying about overspending, debt, or money troubles. We hope you’ve got some inspiration from our tips on creating a low-budget wedding.

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