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#InYourOwnSkin – Missguided breaking barriers of diversity in latest campaign


#InYourOwnSkin – Missguided breaking barriers of diversity in latest campaign


2018 has really been the year where brands have woken up and smelt the coffee! Brand are now finally woke, although there is still a lot of work which needs to be paved in the fashion and beauty industry – although saying that, where we are now is just a testimony in itself from where we were 5-10 years ago in terms of tacking diversity.

MissGuided launched a campaign named “In your own skin” featuring 6 individuals with unique skin features. Each model represents someone which is why this campaign is superb – it is bringing to light that MissGuided is a brand for everywomen, and anyone of any shape. size and ethnicity there is something for you.

Recognising individuals with unique skin features, each model is breaking down a mould and instead of using it as a hinderance they are showcasing that in fact this feature is what makes them unique and beautiful in the most radiant way.

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