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Instagrammable Dessert

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Instagrammable Dessert


Bow down witches and feast your eyes on Four Winters and Meringue Girls’ Dark Serve, featuring charcoal chocolate liquid nitrogen ice cream, blended with crushed cookies and popping candy. Topped with handmade toffee apple ghoul and tombstone meringues, as well as a sprinkling of cookie soil.

If that hasn’t already conjured up your dark side, then maybe the sticky icky cobweb floss and shards of chunky black glitter will. It doesn’t have to stop there though – if you like a bit of gore, top it all off with a splatter of blood-red raspberry sauce.

Treat yourself to a handmade charcoal cone while you’re at it.

Four Winters serves tasty ice cream with flavours inspired by the four seasons made by flash freezing every ice cream in front of your eyes using liquid nitrogen.

Available from 20th-31st October across all Four Winters London parlours
Four Winters’ parlours can be found in South Kensington, Soho and Notting Hill.
For more information, visit:

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