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Indulging in Kokolokahi


Indulging in Kokolokahi


You may be thinking, what is Kokolokahi?

It’s a bath and body oil that has been developed by Clare Anderson, Founder and Managing Director of Shared Beauty Secrets and I visited Eden Hall Spa to experience a full body massage with the oils and the Lava Shells. Upon arrival, I was asked to smell each oil and pick my massage based on which one I was most drawn too.

There are a total of 5 oils to try and each with a different purpose.

Strength which is an oil to enhance wellbeing. It contains Frangipani, Patchouli and Sandalwood which works to strengthen and refresh the mind.

Revive which aims to awaken your senses. It had an uplifting scent which re-energises and soothes the mind.

Balance which contains coconut oil and provides the nutrients your skin needs to heal and protect.

Serenity which aims to harmonise the mind. It includes Rosewood, Lavender Alpine and Bergamot.

Harmony is a very uplifting scent which enriches the soul. It helps you to improve sleep, renew energy and overall feel more harmonised.

I personally choose the balance oil. I was most drawn to it for the scent of coconut. It smelt amazing and really soaked into my skin during the massage. My skin felt instantly better afterwards, it was more hydrated and moisturised. Even a few days after using it, I was still feeling the benefits!

The Lava Shells that were used really added to the experience, the warmth of the shells helped the Kokolokahi oil sink in and work out any tension in your body.

It is certainly a luxurious experience and it’s even better as you can bring the oils into your home to use for yourself!

You can visit the Shared Beauty Secrets website to find out more. 



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