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How to Style Corkscrew Curls with Lee Stafford


How to Style Corkscrew Curls with Lee Stafford

Corkscrew curls are the style of the moment, with celebs everywhere joining in on the trend and sporting amazing curls.

However if you are unsure on how to rock the look, award winning hairdresser Lee Stafford is here to show you how to style wild curls using his Original Chopstick Styler™ Curling Wand (£19.99)

80’s Curls 
Award-winning hairdresser Lee Stafford says: “Throwback your look and create 80’s curls with my chopstick styler. Simply wrap one-inch sections of hair around the barrel, starting from the back of your head working towards the front. Once your hair is totally curled use a wide-toothed comb to brush through the curls, then use your hands to gently massage the roots to add volume and give that lovely bouncy texture. A great tip to make your curls even more impactful is to take random curls and with your fingers gently tease the hair from the ends towards the root.”
Messy Pony
Lee Stafford says: “Take a modern approach to your pony tail, by simply adding in messy curls and texture. Just wrap two-inch sections of hair around the Chopstick barrel, tonging in different directions for maximum volume and texture. Brush through the curls and pull into a ponytail that sits at the crown of your head. Once the pony is secured, use some hairspray to set into place and to keep your curls defined”
Volumised Disco Curls
Lee Stafford says: “Change up your everyday beach babe waves and create gorgeous disco curls in minutes. To start just wrap two-inch sections of the hair around the barrel, to create slightly looser curls, and hold for 8 to 10 seconds to ensure maximum hold. Once you have finished curling use your fingers to brush through the hair for big volumised curls. To add a touch of glamour, take a section of hair and pin back with your favourite statement pin”

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