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How to start your self-love journey


How to start your self-love journey


The day I decided to give up pleasing others was the day I began my self-love journey.  I realised that I may not be accepted by others but that I have to accept myself!

Here are my top tips to starting your self-love journey:

  1. Accept who you are: Self-love is about loving yourself even in your brokenness, accepting that you are not perfect but still believing in your capabilities and your own strength. It’s about accepting that the space you are in at present, whether that space brings you pleasure or pain is a springboard for you to make life choices that reflect you in an authentic way. Accepting yourself is loving yourself – flaws and all!
  2. Focus on something positive about yourself: We are our own worst critics, when you begin to look for positives in yourself, you will start to feel good about that part of yourself, and that is an act of self-love. Speak well of the things you are good at, compliment how good you look in that dress, tell yourself the things that you are waiting for others to say, be the first one to approve yourself!
  3. Take a stand: Staying in situations that no longer serve you and disrupt your inner peace is destructive to your self-love journey. Have the courage to walk away from the things that are not making you happy and be unapologetic about it! Place value on your own happiness.
  4. Avoid comparison: There is nothing wrong with admiration or emulating someone who is doing well. However, if you are looking at someone and then comparing yourself to them and you fall short, this will not help your journey of self-love. Learn how to admire someone without comparing yourself to them, as we are all on different paths and journeys. Remember that your light cannot be dimmed because of the brightness of someone else! We all deserve to shine!
  5. Always believe in yourself: What you bring to the table is unique and what you have to offer is important, so believe in your greatness and never shrink yourself in order to make others feel more comfortable.

Words : Jennifer Phillips, Life Coach

Jennifer Phillips is a life coach who has created a platform called ‘I Am Empress’ to empower women to build their lives with authenticity. Jennifer will be regularly bringing content to Amor to encourage our readers to do exactly that! If you think you would benefit from a conversation with Jen, her email is: [email protected] | Instagram

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