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How Mutual Is Your Masturbation?


How Mutual Is Your Masturbation?

Most couples hide masturbation but if you enjoy it, introduce it to your foreplay. Self-pleasure is most definitely as exhilarating as intercourse; especially if your preference is clitoral stimulation. Combine that solo time and enhance your foreplay. It goes without saying… The more sexually experienced you become, you gain more confidence in your body and you learn how to sexually satisfy yourself. A lot of us gain more sexual pleasure with ourselves; let’s not be ashamed, men pleasure themselves all the time. Yes, you can teach someone your pressure and pleasure points but that takes coaching. I recently found myself in a mutual masturbation situation and it was great. One of my best foreplay experiences to date, I still masturbate over this experience.

Now, if you’re new to this, commence with lube; remember, the wetter the better. Start on yourself, from the top of your body then work your way down. Eyes closed, really get into the motion, slide your hands down the front of your stomach and gently tap on my clit. Use your opposite hand to introduce a circular motion to your nipples. Go at you own pace, whatever feels comfortable.

Exchange pleasure with each other. When you’re feeling a little more confident keep you eyes open and engage with your partner. Follow the same motion, start with the top of their body and work your way down. Stroke their neck, nipples and then midriff before you introduce kissing.

Start speaking your pleasure into existence. If you don’t already do this, you can demand, request or suggest. This could be as simple as insinuating a position change. If you started your session lying down in the missionary position; switch to standing or try out the Karma Sutra ‘Candle’ position.

Add toys to the equation. Toys are great, but before you introduce them to your mutual masturbation, you may want to have a little discussion about sex toys. What works for you may not always be something your partner is comfortable with. However, starting with a vibrator is a safe way in. My advice is to stay away from stimulators that mimic a penis. Try a ‘bullet’ or a ‘vacuum’ vibrator, both inexpensive and a perfect clit stimulation.

Now, remember don’t put all into play at once. Take your time, keep your love life fresh and exciting. There is no right or wrong; just new experiences. Hopefully these tips will help take your confidence to the next level or just simply teach you something new.

Let me know how it goes!

Words : @xoshantsox





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