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How much money have you spent on your period?


How much money have you spent on your period?


When that time of the month rolls around, it’s fair to say it’s far from exciting. With the pains and the blood it’s anything but glamorous, add in the addition of buying necessary sanitary wear and you’re in for a pricy visit from Mother Nature.

In 1973, when Britian joined the European Economic Community it imposed a 10% tax on all sanitary products. Since then, the tax has juggled and is now sat at 5%.

Despite many campaigns from charity groups to cut this tax, the Government have continued to ignore it. But now we can truly see how much we spend on our period – kind of.

The BBC have released a Tampon Tax Calculator which can figure out roughly how much money you’ve spent on sanitary items in your lifetime, and how much of that is taxed.

The calculations are made based on your age and when you started your period.

If you’re 21 and started getting your periods at 12, you’ve already spent £387.39 on products of that £18.45 is tax, you will go onto spend £1,510 in your lifetime.

A 30 year old, who started their period at 10 will expect to pay £1606.73 in their lifetime of which £94.08 is tax. So far they’ve spent £831.96.

Finally, a 45 year old, who started their period at 14 has already spent £1304.20 of that £123.59 is tax.

The information for the calculator comes from the NHS and is based on women have 13 periods a year, on a 28-day cycle and using 22 products per period.

While supermarkets have already begun to compensate for the tax by cutting their prices, Tesco did it first in July and Waitrose and Morrison’s followed in August. The Government are still refusing to budge on cutting the tax altogether.

Words @amyjoannataylor

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