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Home Improvements : How to get the sophisticated glam look in your hallway

home improvements - hallway


Home Improvements : How to get the sophisticated glam look in your hallway

Home Improvements : Often small but always important, your hallway welcomes you and your guests into your home and sets the tone for the rest of your interior design. Nick Acaster, Managing Director at Stair Rods Direct, gave us these top tips for incorporating one of 2019’s hottest trends into your hallway: sophisticated glam.

The sophisticated glam look is heavily inspired by art deco: expensive decadence with a refined, minimalist twist. The colours, materials, and furniture of sophisticated glam are all centred around quality rather than quantity: it’s a few statement pieces doing a lot of the work and subtle decorative features adding to the opulence, making it the perfect look for packing style into narrow hallways.

Soft and Silvery Colours

home improvements - soft and silvery colours

This look is dependent on solid blocks of soft colours, especially blush pink. The colour of rose quartz, blush pink is pale, cool and understated — perfect for sophisticated glamour.

Silvery surfaces are another key element to this trend but try to avoid too much shine where possible. Metallics are more muted and matte so, when shopping for the likes of stair rods or a hallway mirror, think pewter, satin nickel or brushed chrome. Make sure your metal elements match for a more put-together look: your coat hooks, door handles and light fittings, for example, should all have the same finish.

Luxury materials and textures

home improvements - hallway

While the colours are soft and delicate, the luxe materials in the sophisticated glam trend should be thick and heavy. Solid pieces of furniture like marble-topped side tables give a real sense of decadence, while incorporating a heavy velvet through soft furnishings adds edge.

Take things to the next level by detailing with fringing to complete the look; two-tiered lampshades and tasselled drawer knobs are hugely popular this year and are the perfect decorative accompaniment to heavy furniture.

Statement pieces

home improvements - statement pieces

Sophisticated glam is perfect for hallways because clutter is kept to a minimum to let luxe materials speak for themselves — you don’t need lots of room, and having a tidy welcome space will make a huge difference to your mood. The luxe look can be achieved with just a few statement pieces, like a side table and chandelier, plus the right decorative features thrown into the mix.

Statement furniture borrows heavily from the art deco style, with lots of straight lines and rounded edges, and is typically made from metal rather than wood. If you have a staircase in your hallway, a stair runner can be a great way to turn it into a feature for that statement look. Any prints should be a subtle, clean geometric pattern for optimum sophisticated glam.

Your hallway is the first part of your house that visitors see and is the first to welcome you home at the end of the day. With these tips, you can ensure that you can have one of the trendiest and most welcoming hallways by introducing sophisticated glam into your home.

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