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Here Are Some Alternatives to Make-Up Wipes


Here Are Some Alternatives to Make-Up Wipes

Recently I found myself remembering that David Attenborough episode that aired around Christmas-time, where he held every one of us accountable for our single-use plastic waste and showed us first-hand how it affected the poor, sweet animals who lived in the ocean.

At the time, it was all anybody could talk about, but now, the conversation seems to have stopped dead. And I’ll be the first to admit that I really should be more environmentally-friendly than I am. One thing, however, that I have managed to convert myself from is my makeup wipe habit. This time last year, the only product I would use to take my make-up off at night would be a make-up wipe, but then I opened my eyes to all the other make-up removal products out there! Also, not only does using these products help contributing to saving baby animals (or so I tell myself) they are ALL 100% better at removing make-up and ALL have improved the overall quality of my skin more than any make-up wipe ever could. Have I piqued your interest yet? If so, then read on, as I’ve compiled a list of 3 alternatives to make-up wipes ranked in order…ready, set…GLOW!

Oil-Based Cleansers

I’ll start by stating the obvious, if you suffer from oily skin, this type of cleanser is probably not right for you, as it broke me out in a few spots when I used it on oily days. However, if, like me, you suffer from incredibly dry skin on your face in the colder weather, an oil-based make-up remover will be your best friend. I used MAC’S Cleanse-Off Oil (£22) and absolutely loved how baby soft it made my skin feel. You take a little bit (like, a tiny bit) and rub it into your face, before rinsing off with warm water. I’m only putting it last in this list as it did occasionally break me out when I didn’t have seriously problematic dry skin before using it, so it’s perhaps a little too rich for everyday use, as well as being the most expensive item on this list by a MILE. At the other end of the scale, coconut oil is cheap as chips in comparison to a branded oil cleanser, but it still has the same drawbacks. However, a large tub of coconut oil is £5 from Boots and it will last around 2 years, which is a major plus. However, somehow coconut oil doesn’t feel like it hydrates your skin, which for me, negates the whole point of using an oil-based cleanser. If all else fails, at least you can recycle it as cooking oil though.

Micellar Water

The science of micellar water is the best thing about it. The ‘micellar’ bit of the name refers to particles in the product that attracts dirt. Think of all the make-up and dirt in your pores being sucked out of your skin like iron-filings are drawn to a magnet and you’ll get the idea – like a really soft vacuum for your face. I like micellar water. It gets the job done. But it does seem to create quite a lot of waste – it takes, on average, 8 cotton-wool balls to cleanse my entire face using just micellar water. And it probably could stand to be a little cheaper. I’m a fan of the teensy little bottles of Garnier’s original Micellar Water (£1.99, Boots) and I tend to find they last me around 2 months. They are, however, very kind to all types of skin, whether that’s oily or dry. It won’t dry you up or break you out, so if you’re after a safe middle ground, this is your product.

Cleansing Milk/Lotion

And here we have it, the holy grail of cleansing. A good lotion – i.e. one that’s not thick, perfumed or complicated – will remove every trace of makeup with one application, as well as balancing out your skin’s pH and protecting you from clogged pores AND dry, cracked skin. My absolute favourite is LUSH’s 9-5 Lotion and since using it, I’ve never used another make-up wipe. It simply does a much better job, plus there’s zero waste involved. You massage it into your face and then rinse it off with water and you’re done. It works fine with either warm or cold water and even breaks down waterproof mascara. I’m converted.


Written by Poppy Hutchinson


Edited by Jasmin Woodward


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