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‘He Blew My Mind’

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‘He Blew My Mind’

“This article contains explicit material, please proceed with caution.”

‘He Blew My Mind’

He gave me the best kisses to date!

I don’t no what came over me, but my mind was clear and my body was completely to his demise. He pushed my head back against the pillow and kissed me on my forehead passionately. He forced my hands up above my head so they were linked and I could feel the cold of my bedroom wall on the backs of my fingers. The chill sent shock waves down my spine as his kisses trailed along the side of my face down to my neckline. Surrendering my control to him was mind blowing, I was panting so hard. The anticipation was driving me wild, I lost all control of my body; I didn’t want him to stop, but I was so fearful to loose control I was whispering to him to stop. I tried to put my hands down and wriggle out of his hold, but he forced them right back up and pinned both of my hands in place with his forearm. My heart jerked, I love a man who can dominate a situation.

I curled my toes as he groped my breast and dug my nails into his forearm. My panting increased to loud moans, I could feel his grin as his hot breath hovered over the middle of my chest. He led his kisses down the side of my waist and stopped at the top of my thigh. He slowed down the pace, released the hold on my hand and slowly put his two fingers in my mouth. He rotated his fingers slowly forcing them in and out with a slight linger on the withdrawal. I hate fingers in my mouth, its usually one of my ‘no go’ areas, but everything about this experience forced me to surrender to his desires. He slid his wet finger down the front of my body, over the top of my nipple then massaged his palm down to my clit. I couldn’t bare it, I squirmed with pleasure releasing my arms and dug my nails into his thigh.

He arose to his knees, lifting both my legs still keeping them in the bent position. His face hovering just above my body, he kissed my pubic area. His lips lingered just above my clit so I could feel the moisture from his hot breath. He hadn’t touched me as of yet but my body moaned, my hands lifeless I wanted to cry out, so I bit down hard on my bottom lip. He started slowly kissing me on my clit and breathing heavily accentuating every crease in his lips. Pinning my legs down with his shoulders he began to stroke his large hands up my waist towards my breast, still maintaining my grip into his shoulders I was struggling to maintain control, the pleasure heightened. My body was uncontrollable, my abs clenched nearly giving me a stitch and my toes so tightly curled the arches of my feet ached. I whimpered!

Next he flipped me over so I was sitting directly on his face, thighs either side of his cheeks where he held me up so I was slightly hovering above him, his tongue moved profusely on my clit.  He lowered spreading my juices with his tongue, going lower the sensation was driving my body crazy I couldn’t keep still, the feeling was like spasms, an uncontrollable tick. He played with the centre just using the tip of his tongue, and then he positioned two fingers on my clit, lightly patting them back and forth. I didn’t know where to focus my attention, my mind and body was confused! Completely confused! I went into a state of shock. I completely froze up.

He new he owned me at that moment. I could tell he enjoyed every moment of making me weak. His gloat was so cheeky, he hovered over me, kissed my forehead then bare hugged me.


Ashanti- Avril

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