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Hairstyle of the season: Faux Locs


Hairstyle of the season: Faux Locs

The favourite protective hairstyle of the season has made a come back once again! Faux Locs became popular around two years ago as the practicality and versatility of this hairstyle instantly became a trend. Faux locs are a great protective style as they allow you to get a glimpse into how the potential ‘real locs’ style would look.

Faux locs v.s Real locs 

Faux locs resemble real dreadlocs and are often created using human hair, yarn or synthetic hair such as Marley hair or Kenekalon hair.

Due to the fact that it’s a protective style which is only meant to be temporary, maintenance for the both will be different. For example, faux locs are only meant to be kept in for no longer than 3 months, and shouldn’t be tied too tight in the risk of damaging your own natural hair. Faux locs that is made from human hair is referred to in the natural hair community as ‘Goddess locs’.

Faux locs have more of a natural appearance and are more lightweight to carry on the head and because of the convenience of this, it’s made the style a popular trend in the celeb world as Meagan Good and Zendaya have been seen rocking the style and making it their signature look.


Before the installation of the style, making sure your hair is fully prepped and clean is important. Using a hair treatment or by deep conditioning your hair so that it is in a strong state as the faux style does tend to add tension to your scalp. Also making sure that your hair is in a clean state by deep cleansing so that there is not any build-up on the scalp during your time of wearing the style.

Start by twisting the natural hair in small sections then add the hair to each twist for length, if you want longer locs add more hair and if you only want short locs add less hair.

Start close to the roots so that the style has longevity, however try not to strain the scalp, however when you get to the end of the loc add another piece of hair then work your way up to secure the hair in place.


As mentioned before, this style shouldn’t be worn for me than 3 months and because of the simplicity of the style you really need to do very minimal each day to maintain the style.

To keep the style neat, moisturise the scalp on a daily basis. You can do this by using a water spray bottle or using a moisturising leave in conditioner which can keep the scalp clean and fresh.

Another way to keep the hair tidy is to re-twist the root of the hair once a week after around a month after having the style installed once the love have started to become a little lose.


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