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Hair product review: WNt London


Hair product review: WNt London

Intensive hair care treatments such as the Brazilian blow dry can leave your hair feeling dry and brittle. WNt London is the first premium brand that has directed their attention to the aftercare of these treatments, leaving your hair feeling healthy and rejuvenated.

The products had a waiting list of 5,000 consumers before the launch, as professional salons spread the word and have sold out twice since launching. The shampoo and conditioner are designed to increase the life of a Brazilian Blow Dry by 45%!

Semi-permanent hair straightening is done by temporarily sealing keratin into the hair with a hair iron. Keratin is the main protein of your hair, skin, and nails. It is a natural substance that comprises 88% of your hair. The treatment eliminates frizzy strands, leaving a smooth and silky complexion.

WNt London Shampoo – £10.95


WNt London Conditioner – £10.95

Having heavily treated hair myself; WNt London sounded like the perfect product to use in order to restore the bonds in my hair that have been broken from years of intensive treatments. After just one wash, my hair was left feeling nourished and full of life once again.

Overall, WHt London are definitely a brand that I would recommend for people who have their hair treated often. These products have drastically improved the quality of my hair and have reduced breakages.


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