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Get your sext on…


Get your sext on…


Honestly, sexting made me cringe. I was the worst at it! I have to laugh, because to mask my shyness, I would come across so dry and un-interested. Annoyingly, I lacked spontaneity to insinuate the sext. However, with some peer influence and research, I have been able to boost my confidence. I’m working on it, I do love to receive a dirty text here and there. It’s taken some time to grasp, but initiation is all part of the foreplay.

As Summer is officially over, cuffing season is in full swing. If you’re ready to secure that summer fling you need to ‘free up yourself’ and take action into your own hands. Kick start the flirt!

Here’s a few tips that have worked for me; hopefully these gems will help you get well on your way to securing your future boo…

  1. Start with clothing.

Clothing is a easy way to initiate the sext, for example ‘what are you wearing?…’. give them a chance to answer. They should get the punch line, but if not then lead onto yours. E.g. ‘Just sitting on my bed, about to take off my clothes. I was undoing my bra strap just as I got your message…’ (you get the gist) p.s don’t skip to being naked, you need a little build up.

  1. Fantasise

Create your favorite romantic experience and tell you story through your text. For example, you could lead on by saying ‘I wish you were here to help me undo my strap…’ a little fantasy will definitely add sparks to your conversation.

  1. Request

If you lose your way or run out of ideas, simply start requesting. Don’t be shy and remember to remain in the flow of your conversation:

‘What would you do if I was sitting on your bed taking my bra off?’

  1. Tease

Heighten the experience with a little teasing by sending a voicenote, videos and pictures. My favourite, is Snapchat nudes because they are fun, quick and can’t be saved (well technically, can be however, it is just against Snapchat etiquette!). Now, a nude doesn’t have to be a picture of you fully naked. You could send a less than 10 second video of yourself, blowing a kiss, tugging on your bra or a mirror picture in your underwear. Think out of the box and try sending a voice note or a video of you speaking instead of texting.

(p.s. Only if you trust the individual)

  1. Reel it in!

Sometimes sexting can go a little further than expected too quickly.  Here are some examples of how to reel them back in and end the conversation.

  • ‘I’m sure you would like to see me do that but…’
  • ‘I like were this is going but save this until the next time we meet up…’
  • ‘let’s save that question to when we’re face to face…’
  • ‘Not tonight…’
  • ‘Maybe next time…’

Now, don’t put all into play at once. Everyone loves the chase, pace yourself to keep the spark alive in your relationship/situationship. If you’re usually the submissive, the person your luring in will appreciate the sexual insinuations and hopefully help take your confidence to the next level.

Hope you appreciate the advice.

Let me know how it goes!

Words : @xoshantsox

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