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Gender Roles: The rise of the Instagram husband


Gender Roles: The rise of the Instagram husband


Does this defy the gender dynamics of success?

Having been launched in 2010, it has not taken long for Instagram to take up a dominant space in the world of social media. After witnessing a rapid increase since 2013, the app now commands more than 500 million users. Therefore it is no shock that with such high figures complimented by a platform that aids in the development of creating links between brands and influencers, there are many influencers on the app. Pairing with the growth in influencer marketing also comes with the sudden and exciting rise of the ‘Instagram husband’.

For centuries men have dominated pretty much every professional industry, however it seems that with the growth of this innovative social media app, more and more women govern the platform. For most account holders, it comes as no surprise to be familiar with all the ‘candid’, ‘authentic’ and ‘wanderlust’ images, but have you ever considered who is taking these pictures? According to popular internet mythology, it has been said that behind every good Instagram photo is a tired and sore thumbed husband.

Of course the term began as a source of comedy to tease those who take the app too seriously, but it can be argued that this title of the ‘Instagram husband’ is an innovative and brilliant concept. This is because men usually do not play the silent supportive role, many have even compared this social shift to the concepts of men being groupies in comparison to the connotation it had with women.

Therefore concluding that in modern society, it is possible for anyone to be successful regardless of whether they are trying to gain more followers or perhaps a higher interaction rate. It is evident that with social media, gender roles are gradually fading and it should no longer be a shock for a woman to be the more ‘successful’ person in the world of social media.

By Sarah Solomon

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