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Five ways to tame your anger

tame your anger


Five ways to tame your anger

Top Life Coach, Carole Ann Rice knows what anger can do to ourselves and the people around us. So, she’s revealing her top five ways to tame your anger inside of you:

1. Get rid of your anger in a healthy way (i.e. not on someone else)

Not only does anger hurt others but holding onto it also hurts you. Even if you shouted at someone else, you’re the one with the red, unctuous face and high-blood pressure,feeling hot and panicky. Anger has the potential to hurt the one feeling it just as much as than the one on the flip side.

2. Ask yourself, ‘What am I angry about exactly?’

Is it that people have misunderstood something? Has there been a serious injustice? Anger is very much a response to not getting what you want or feeling misunderstood.

3. Is it reasonable to be this angry?

People misinterpret each other all the time. Anger can be a natural response but it’s not always the most correct or measured solution. Resorting to anger can be misjudged at times. Don’t shout, try articulating what you feel in a cool, examined way.

4. If you’re in a social situation, step aside and cool down

No matter what function you’re at, it’s ok to sidebar yourself away. Family members can often push our buttons, but instead of causing a scene, go off and take a walk. Talk to a reliable friend. Spend some time alone, heck, even beat up a pillow to release how you feel! Get it out of your system so when you return, you feel more cathartic.

5. Say how you feel to someone

Do you feel hurt? Undervalued? Misunderstood? You shouldn’t keep it bottled up inside, because you’re just asking for an eventual explosion. Externalise how you feel by saying, “I feel X because you did Y,” which is a great way to explain yourself without attacking someone outright.

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