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And … Be you.


Society communicates women should be photo-shopped, without any blemishes, sharp facial bone structure, curvy in all the right places and camera ready at all times. But life is not one big camera with special functions continuously blending complexions, making my waist 24inches, while my arse is 30inches and so forth.


I have seen this “MiMi” a lot and I truly believe it. You are not ugly you are just broke! And when I say broke! I mean you don’t have 50k in the bank, as disposable money to spend on your looks and more importantly why should you.


If I had £50,000 disposable money, I’d rather sit my realistic, natural, human self on a beach while these Instagram scammers lay on the sofa; photo-shopping their causal day out with a full contoured face, 4inch heels, bum pads and push up bra like that is every day life. Like that photo wasn’t planned.


With every platform used as an online portfolio to be the next Kim K and Megan Mckenna, why don’t you focus on bringing in that cheque and getting ready to build an empire with that guy that don’t love you because he getting a bit of good arse before bed on a weekend but that guy who is in love with your company.


Rule number 1- Don’t chase a look to find a man, let men love your look.


Moral of the story is ….. Own your own shit, be beautiful and be confident with what you have to offer. Valentines is coming up, If you are not planning your outfit for your date, then plan how you are going to double next months wage.


Chin up, say cheese and smile for the camera of real life.


Love P.x.

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