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Feather Brows is the latest Instagram craze


Feather Brows is the latest Instagram craze


There is a new trend which the internet is going crazy about. Feather brows.

Finnish make-up artist Stella Sironen, jokingly shared an image on Instagram of her latest brow look, declaring that these brows will be the next big thing. Of course, the internet took this post seriously and the brows are spreading like wildfire.

Photo credit: Stella Sironen Instagram

More and more people are giving the brows a go and creating their own looks then taking to Instagram to share the results.

To create the look use a glue stick to hold the brows in place and brush the brows upwards to create the feather effect.

Some fan’s have even been adding glitter to the brows and gold pigments to make the look even more eye-catching.

Some people love the trend, others aren’t so keen. My personal verdict is that I won’t be wearing this look anytime soon. Will you? Tweet us @AmorMagazineUK

Written by Jasmin Woodward

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