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Fashion Friday : Velvet


Fashion Friday : Velvet


A new and fresh fabric in style now is the all amazing velvet. Something which has re-appeared and made a big statement into the fashion world!! There are many ways in which you can implement the fabric into your everyday wardrobe. From day-time to night-time, velvet is your new best friend!


This sexy bardot playsuit from Pretty Little Thing, £18 will definitely be the perfect outfit for any girl’s night out!! It is available in burgundy and black, meaning that it can be paired with any shoes or clutch. Plus, it is extremely flattering and will show off your figure in more ways than one.

This beautiful set from New Look £7.99 is extremely stylish and has crazy 90s vibes. Can be dressed up or dressed down depending on how crazy you want to go. Topped with a big furry jacket or coat will make this look, “the look” of the night. The set is sold separately and is available in both, pink and black. So again, you can slay that velvet look the way you want.

This extremely sexy velvet set from ASOS £20 is the perfect way to get you to feel confident in your own skin. You do not need someone to wear this for; all you need is yourself and you will conquer the world! I think it is great to wear sexy, matching underwear, it empowers me and I feel much more confident wearing it. So stock up and walk with your head held high, every day. Not only that but this is also perfect due to the high wasted pants, and the cut bra straps. Velvet underwear is so in right now so make sure you are up to date!

This crushed velvet mini backpack from Hollister £19, is a great accessory to top of your everyday outfit. It comes in pink and grey, which are two great colours to match any outfit. Plus, it is a fantastic and easy way to implement velvet into your day.

I feel like velvet has all the winter/ Christmas feels, so why not join the trend and top up your wardrobe by adding a new fabric into your life. Velvet has also become a bit part of the homeware domain; like sofas, curtains, pillows etc. So, if you want to expand on the velvet fashion, go to the next level and redesign your home too.

Words : @Aisstee_




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