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Fashion Friday: Instagram Trend Setters


Fashion Friday: Instagram Trend Setters

Since Instagram has introduced the option to save posts into themes (which personally I think is hands down genius), I have been saving all of the fashion pictures which make me “ohhh”. I find it’s great to get inspiration from the OOTD’s of others, plus who doesn’t love a bit of a internet stalk?!
When scrolling through the outfits I’d saved, I soon realised the same accounts kept popping up, a clear reflection on who I think is killing it with their style on my insta feed. So here are the lovely ladies who have got me feeling some serious wardrobe envy.

Lily Pebbles – I look forward to watching her YouTube videos every Sunday, and recently I’ve noticed she’s really upped her Fashion content on Instagram! She always looks so natural in her poses (yet claims to be an awkward poser, you’ve got me fooled Lily!). She has a minimal, yet stand out style. Her outfits seem to have a feminine twist on classic tom boy – the perfect balance between the two.

Dressed by Debs – A fairly new Instagrammer, yet every single post has got me wanting a look into her wardrobe. To put it simply, Debs just knows how to put an outfit together. She has a casual, yet very cool style and also offers a personal styling service if you’re based in London!

It’s our last day in sunny Spain and I’m thinking of ways I can strategically bring back some sunshine to the U.K ? #hushsummer #whereoliviawent

A post shared by Olivia (@livpurvis) on

Liv Purvis – If you’re after a stunning Instagram, Liv is your girl. Thanks to the help of her real life and Instagram boyfriend, photographer Joe Galvin – you can see the most beautiful outfit shots. Liv has a feminine style with a love for pastels, frills and of course, a good basket bag.

Hannah Gale – I don’t ever remember finding Hannah’s Instagram, but it seemed one day my feed was flooded with pink wall backdrops, and the sassiest outfit and I wasn’t even the slightest bit sorry. Hannah just always looks chic and sophisticated!

Lucy and Lydia Connell – I know they have separate Instagram accounts, but this list will get out of hand if I don’t rein it in somehow. Both Lucy and Lydia have just got their Instagram game down! The quality of their photos is always amazing and the girls rock anything they put on. If you’re into mirrored sunglasses and thigh high boots, you need to check these girls out!

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