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Fashion Friday : Are you part of the new Gucci Gang?


Fashion Friday : Are you part of the new Gucci Gang?

(Featured image taken from Stefflon Don’s Instagram)

Do you remember these Gucci belts?

As a brand, Gucci over the last five years, had a mediocre name. But of late, Gucci has come back with a massive bang. Especially after the release of Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang”   

Spending a lot on a head to toe designer outfit is no longer necessary, those days are gone, for now. Just having a Gucci belt or one designer piece is all you really need. It’s totally acceptable to purchase cheaper items of clothing to match with an expensive piece.

Teaming an inexpensive outfit with any of these Gucci staple pieces will make you right on trend:
Gucci Marmont Bags Velvet and Leather (all sizes)
Gucci Bum Bag
Gucci Belt
Gucci Trainers

So how are these staple pieces worn? Well usually individually.

For women, the trend is to buy an item of clothing from our most seen affordable brands such as PLT, Miss Empire, Miss Pap, and put the Gucci in the middle whether it’s a top or dress that’s the swag.

(See below a pic we have taken from Stefflon Don’s Instagram rocking the trend.)

For men, it’s the Gucci trainers with a relaxed outfit, there are no specific criteria of how these trainers can be worn as Gucci ribbon speaks for itself. In other words, you just need the trainers.

There is also a massive focus on the old school Gucci pieces, these pieces have now become vintage and just as desirable. These old school pieces are being worn by our vintage crew. So depending on what your fashion sense is, Gucci now has something for everyone.

So, what Gucci Gang are you in? Old school or new school?

I’m definitely part of the new Gucci gang!

Words : @Everything_To_A_T

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