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Facials by Daiva


Facials by Daiva

Spring is finally here, which also means it’s time to tackle the ill effects of the winter season on your skin. I have a religious skin regime which I maintain through Winter but when going for a facial I look for something I cannot do at home and new products I have never tried before. I was delighted when I was asked to review this particular facial and after reading the press release on the process of the facial I was looking forward to it even more. I scheduled it in on a Tuesday evening as a mid-week pick me up from a stressful 9 to 5.

I arrived at Mayfair Aesthetics and Beauty and was greeted by reception and taken up to meet Daiva, the specialist skin care expert. She instantly made me feel at ease with a fresh green tea and we went through the process of the facial as well as identifying make up I use, my skin type and how I find my skin. We discussed in depth my current skin care regime and how I found my skin to be on a day to day basis. She studied my face in detail and identified where my larger pores were, which she identified to be slightly larger around my nose.

After some relaxing music was put on, Daiva began the facial. I instantly felt at ease and completely forgot we were in central London. Daiva used all-natural products from a brand called ‘Environ’ which smelt and felt amazing on my skin, it was great to know there was no nasty chemicals going onto my skin.

The most exciting part of the facial for me was the use of the DF lonzyme machine, a machine which uses soundwaves and small electric pulses. I was told this would help reach the lowest layers of my skin, the skin cells you can’t access from using face masks.

Daiva finished the facial with an amazing massage to help stimulate the facial muscles and encourage lymph drainage. The facial lasted an hour and a half in total, even someone who is committed to looking after their skin with a thorough at-home routine can find an hour and a half facial too much of a ‘luxury’ to fit into a busy schedule but after investing the time, I would recommend investing the time.

Post facial, I was really concerned about break outs however I only had a few minor blemishes which cleared up within a few days. A week after the facial I was still receiving compliments on how bright and fresh my skin looked, I am definitely looking into booking in again with Daiva.

Words : Victoria Black

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