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Don’t Let Them Tame You – Get Wild About Lashes


Don’t Let Them Tame You – Get Wild About Lashes

‘Dont let them tame you’ is the tagline of Wild Violet, representing not letting anyone define you. Wild Violet launched in 2019 and have since kept up the reputation of staying true to oneself, empowering the next person and of course breaking boundaries.

‘Unleash your lashes stay wild and express yourself’ needs to be the tagline for every boss babe this 2019. Wild Violet have done an amazing job with inclusivity, providing lashes for the most extravagant look as well as the basic babe that like an everyday natural look.

Soft in texture which is super great for someone who has sensitive eyes, and for just £6 each there is no room to go wrong these these dreamy blinks. With the correct care these lashes can be reused up to 20 times.



The fluttery of them all! These lashes start from short to long allowing the thickness to gradually build up giving your eyes true definition.



Looking for super volume? Then you have met your match. Not only does ‘Fire’ do exactly what it says, but the most dramatic lashes of the bunch will have eyes on you all night long.

His Loss


Completely in love with this name! His Loss gives a great lift to the eye allowing the unique design to give you such a stunning finish to your look. His loss? Most certainly!



With an effortless finish, Karma is the perfect lash to allow you to go from day to night. A full days work, followed by a catch up drink? Karma is perfect as the natural whispers allows you to go all day long.



If you need just a little extra length and fullness, but still want an everyday look? Galaxy is your best friend. With a beautiful wispy finish taking you from basic to baddie these lashes are defiently 9-5 friendly.





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