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Does Diversity still lack in the beauty industry?


Does Diversity still lack in the beauty industry?


25 year old south Sudanese model Nyakim Gatwech took to Instagram to ask what colours do people feel look best of them, then proceeded to let us know about an incident when a designer told her that a bright coloured orange dress would not look good on her because of her skin tone.

It is not clear via her Instagram how long ago that comment was made to herself, however there is no way that it can be 2018 and we are still dealing with the fashion and beauty industry still not having our backs.

There have been many incidents where campaigns take place and dark skin models would not be granted the spot because ‘There is already a black model’ Jourdan Dunn told Elle Magazine last year that more needs to be done in the industry in terms of diversity – “It shouldn’t be a big deal when a black girl gets a front cover deal – it should be normal and we need to get to that place”

Nyakim explained in a recent interview that she still battles obstacles in the modelling world, she gave the example of if she goes to a shoot she may be told to come makeup ready whereas all the other models have the luxury of getting their makeup done. This is down to the fact that some makeup artists still don’t know how to do makeup on darker complexions. The excuse of there not being darker foundation shades available on the market is out the window as after the 40 shade launch of Fenty beauty catering from the lightest of complexions to the darker of shades – many brands have since followed suit. The example of makeup artists not knowing how to highlight or contour of complexions like her own was given which indicates that the individual is not exactly a ‘pro’ if they are not able to adapt to every shade available.


The beauty industry has come such a long way in the past 5 year so let’s hope  that stigmas of bright colours not suiting dark complexions are way behind us.


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