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DijahSB: 5 Tracks That Have Influenced Me


DijahSB: 5 Tracks That Have Influenced Me

Amor Magazine UK caught up with DijahSB to ask about their top 5 tracks that have influenced them musically. DijahSB recently released “Frontin’ Like Pharrell”, which is a groovy ode to the music mogul and multifaceted performer, filled with funk filled rhythms and low slung grooves! Find out their top 5 tracks below:

1. Frontin’ – Pharrell
My new track is inspired by this record and is an ode to one of my favourite songs and music videos in the world. “Frontin'” is such a timeless record.
2. Gray Area – KAYTRANADA feat. Mick Jenkins
That entire KAYTRANADA album inspired me front to back, but I recently became a huge Mick Jenkins fan and this was a stand out record for me
3. Need it – KAYTRANADA feat. Masego
Another stand out record from BUBBA that inspired the sound I wanted to capture with this album.
4. Surfin’ – Kid Cudi
I have Kid Cudi tattoos on my arm for a reason, but this record really put into perspective the vibe I wanted to create, with it being such a bouncy, happy tune
5. Crabs In A Bucket – Vince Staples
Vince pushed the envelope with his Big Fish Theory album and I always admired him for that. So I took a page out of his book and rapped over some
house inspired beats

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