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Different ways to enjoy the Darker Nights


Different ways to enjoy the Darker Nights

We’re officially at the end of summer, and that can only mean one thing: the nights are getting progressively darker, and they’ll get darker still as soon as the clocks change on the 27th October. For some of us, darker nights can be a little bit dreary and depressing. But if you fill them with the right kind of entertainment, the coldness, wetness and general wintriness doesn’t seem so bad. So how do you go about enjoying the darker nights?

Find Floodlit Venues

Certain landmarks and historical buildings hold an entirely different appeal when they’re lit up from the outside by modern floodlights. Fountains, statues and country homes often benefit enormously from the night-time light treatment. Other resorts might even put on special light shows as we get closer to Christmas. Kew Gardens and Chester Zoo, for example, both put on light shows during the Festive season. They provide a sense of wonder that’ll make the trip worthwhile!

Try an Autumn Fair

Fairgrounds are lit up by design, and packed with entertainment that’ll appeal to both adults and children. Ghost trains, merry-go-rounds, helter-skelters and Ferris wheels have all been around for as long as any of us have been alive, and they hold a special place in our hearts, even if we haven’t had a chance to ride on one in a while. Travelling fairs will only stay in a given place for a limited time, so if one visits your town, be sure to take advantage.

Try a Seasonal Market

As the farming calendar wraps up, the best produce in the country will find its way to a seasonal market. Harvest Festival hits the UK on the 22nd September – or at least, that’s the official date. But you might find different markets being set up throughout the season, each of which will offer slightly different produce, depending on where in the UK you are. With a little bit of research, you can track down those near to you, and see a few of them.

Find an Oktoberfest Event

Oktoberfest is a Bavarian festival which takes place, as you might expect, in October. While the festivities mostly take place in Germany, there are Oktoberfest events being held throughout the UK, where you’ll be able to get hold of all of the beer and bratwurst you could want. The entertainment, naturally, is always provided by a traditional Oompah band.

Stay In

If you don’t feel like going out, then why force yourself? A night in when it’s dark outside, in the company of a good book, or that TV show you’ve been wanting to catch up on, can be just as relaxing as an evening out. What’s more, you’ll probably end up spending a great deal less if you pursue this option. There’s a great range of chocolate gifts you could treat yourself to also as a little present to yourself during these longer nights.

Here’s just a few options you could pick from when it comes to enjoying the darker nights, as they continue to draw in early for the foreseeable.

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