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Committing a fashion sin and going against your personal style


Committing a fashion sin and going against your personal style


Hat, check. Bold glasses (that I definitely need), check. Heels, check. Not forgetting the black skinny jeans and a not-so-bright top to cover up my appendages. That’s my style to a tee. Monochrome and simple. I’ve never really had a personal style, at least I’ve never called it that. It’s just my go-to clothes, almost like a capsule wardrobe – although it’s never that organised. But recently, I’ve come to realise there are certain clothes I always wear because they are what I feel confident in. There are certain items I wear almost every day that have become my staple and without them my personal brand is gone. Literally!

Without my hat, glasses or heels, I’m different and people don’t seem to like it. I’m known in the office for being smart casual. Nothing more; nothing less. It’s laughable sometimes because people always know when I’ve arrived before I open my mouth – those pesky heels! But when I deviate from my “personal style” it’s noticed. Some days I want to be comfortable and use my inner confidence. All I want to wear is a hoodie and trainers, minus the hat – ain’t nothing wrong with that, right? Well apparently there is. Apparently I’m not me.

But I’m me – whatever I wear. Just because I wear something I don’t usually wear, does not mean I’m not keeping to my personal style. Things change and we’re okay with that, aren’t we? We should be happy to change up our style when we want to, on our terms, with our own rules.

My personal style evolves for many reasons, I may be having a bad day, you know the days when you just can’t be bothered? Or I may just want to be comfortable? Who gives? My religion sometimes comes into my personal style – I’m Buddhist – but not all the time. I have the freedom to choose what I want to wear, when I want?

And anyway, who dictates my style – is it me, or others? That’s another thing to considering on the path to deviating from personal style. Is it others that think we are deviating – being naughty – as we aren’t presenting ourselves the way we normally would? Or is it us ourselves – after all we are just changing things up, rocking the boat as the saying goes. We decide what we put on in the morning. (Though we all wish we had a personal stylist to do it, don’t we?).

This personal style business is difficult. Finding a personal style is hard and once you’re in it, it’s a bit of a sin to step out of it, or at least that’s the case in my experience. But go for it.

Words: @Sophie_Dishman

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