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Christmas Dinner costs 18% more than last year

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Christmas Dinner costs 18% more than last year


A survey by Good Housekeeping Magazine has found that the cost of this years Christmas dinner will be 18% more expensive than last year.

The cost of the cheapest set-price meal on Christmas Day for 8 people has risen from £19.82 to £23.53. This includes 11 ingredients for the table.

The festive food basket includes a whole turkey weighing 3.5kg, 880g of potatoes, sprouts, carrots and parsnips as well as a stuffing mix, cranberry sauce and a 900g Christmas pud.

Good Housekeeping have said that the increase is a result of the fall of the pound since the EU referendum last year. This means that food import costs have risen and inflation has hit 3%.

The survey found that Lidl is the cheapest place to buy your dinner at £25.53 for 8 people and Waitrose is most expensive at £41.47. The cheapest option overall is to shop around, by doing this your festive feast will only cost £23.54.

It’s not just festive food that’s gone up in price, new data published this month showed food prices in October were 4.2% higher than last year.

Some of the food items which have become more costly include fish which is up by 8.5%, vegetables which have risen by 5.7% and dairy products including milk, cheese and eggs have risen by 4.8%.

While the exact repercussions of Britain leaving the EU are yet to be seen, it is projected that the food market will be seeing major price rises.

Words: @amyjoannataylor

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