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Cheers to Fenty Beauty!


Cheers to Fenty Beauty!


2017 shook the beauty industry by storm, there is no doubt about that but it wasn’t until Singer/Songwriter and now businesswoman Rihanna stepped to the fore-front on September 8th 2017, to launch her first beauty collection showcasing 40 shades of foundation choices from the lightest of shades to the darkest of tones.

The foundation is best suited for oily skin as it gives a matte long wear, medium to full coverage finish. The tagline for the range is “For Women of all shades, personalities, attitudes, cultures and races”

In many interviews and online posts Rihanna describes the shade ranges to be inclusive of all shades and tones. The colours range from 100 being the lightest to 490 being the deepest. This is an incredible achievement for a first launch of a brand to start out with 40 shades! Level up (word to cici) beauty industry! This leads me to my next point of responsibility within the industry. This is finally the break-through we have all been waiting for.

With Rise comes great responsibility

With the inclusiveness of shades from Fenty beauty, this has finally put dark skinned ladies in ease of not having the struggle of breaking the bank to find the perfect shade, nor having to mix foundations just because a brands darkest shade is ‘Caramel’ the days of struggle are over and at just £26 we can find our perfect shade online at or by going to the Harvey Nichols store in Knightsbridge.

Many brands have since the launch of Fenty, been following suit in creating deeper toned foundations or even just reminding us that hello! We look after you too!

Nyma Tang, a successful youtuber reviewed the darkest shade 490 on her channel and stated that “its amazing to finally see a foundation in my shade as with some brands till this day I cannot wear their foundation” she compared the foundation to the Teint Idole from Lancome that she used to wear.

The Queen of clapback

On September 25th 2017, Makeup Forever uploaded an Instagram post, showing their range of foundations titled “40 shades is nothing new to us – since 2015 the UltraHD Foundation released 40 shades for everyone’s unique skin tone understanding the difference between red and yellow undertones. With expertise, time and passion we will continue to develop and improve our products” Now this was just a few weeks after the launch of Fenty beauty, and was obviously a huge dig at the hype of Fenty Beauty developing 40 shades.



Rihanna had the perfect comeback and simply responded with “Still ashy” underneath the Instagram image.  This should be the perfect time for makeup brands, especially brands that claim to be inclusive to now wake up and actually include ‘inclusiveness’ this also means using more than one dark skinned individual for a campaign

Brands that are now woke!

On February 28th 2018, Makeup Revolution announced on Instagram that they will be releasing an 18 shade foundation range at just £5. Looking at the range it looks as though there are around 7 dark shades, which is basically half of the range which is fantastic!

Colour pop also announced on March 28th 2018 that they will be releasing a 30 shade concealer range and once again the shades range from the lightest of shades which is number 00 to the deepest of tones which is number 58.

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