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Can You Fix a Bad Sleep Cycle?

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Can You Fix a Bad Sleep Cycle?

If you feel like you never get enough sleep at night, it might be because you have a broken sleep cycle. Many of us can get trapped in a bad rhythm that will see us going to be too late only to have to wake up early the next morning. This can affect much of your everyday life, so you should try to fix your sleep cycle as best as you can. Doing so means that you can have a more restful and higher quality night’s sleep, something we all benefit from.


Reset Your Circadian Rhythm

Your circadian rhythm is the natural changes you go through on the 24-hr cycle. Our body knows when we should be up and alert and when we should be restful, and this is all based around these rhythms. At its most basic, it is a response to light and dark, but there can be several other factors that might affect yours.

If your rhythm is thrown off, you might find that you struggle with staying on track. Ever had one of those days where you feel like it is a certain time of day, only to look at the clock and see that it is much earlier or later? This could be a key indication that your circadian rhythm is in need of a reset. Learn how to reset your circadian rhythm in a safe and productive way so that your body is more on track. There are several reset circadian rhythm guides out there, but anything too brash can be just as difficult to manage as a problem with your rhythm itself.


Cut Back on Caffeine

When we struggle to stay awake, one of the first substances that we can turn to as we try to fix things will be caffeine. Whether we are taking a caffeine pill or a beverage such as tea, coffee, or an energy drink, this might not be the best move. One every now and then could prove to be beneficial, but repeated use could result in a caffeine addiction. You are going to need to imbibe more to be able to see an effect, and not having enough can bring on unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

You need to make sure that you are not taking too much caffeine in the evenings, or when you want to go to sleep. This will prevent you from getting the rest that you need as it can keep you awake. This will then shorten the sleep that you can get overall. If you still want to enjoy drinks like tea in the evening, switch to caffeine-free options or ones like chamomile that can help promote relaxation and sleep.


Prepare  Your Room for Sleep

What do you do in your bedroom? It should be a place for relaxation, but you also might not be using the space in quite the right way. With the rise in homeworking, many of us have struggled to find a good place to work in our homes. Choosing to work in a bedroom might give you the quiet space you need, but it could also be affecting your sleep cycle.

You will begin to associate the space with somewhere that you should work in. Rather than it being a place that you can rest in, you will begin to think about all the tasks that you need to do for work. This can send your mind racing when it should be calming down and preparing for sleep.

Likewise, you might have a television in your room that you might be guilty of watching before you go to sleep. Exposure to the bright screen right before sleep is also not good for you. You need to move distractions like work and screens out of the place where you intend to sleep. Yes, you can read and enjoy other lower-energy activities in your room, but your ultimate goal should be to create a quiet space that you subconsciously associate with sleep.


Going to Sleep

Many of us don’t realise it, but we actually need to train our bodies so that we are able to go to sleep easier. There are several tips and tricks that you can do to make yourself relax and calm down. When you get in for the day, change out of your work clothes into something more comfortable. This could mean changing from a suit or a full uniform, or it could mean just changing out of jeans if you have a more casual dress code at work.


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You should try to keep the lights around your home dimmed, and try to keep things as chill as possible. Though you might want to watch a little of your favourite shows, or a film, try to do so early enough that you are then able to relax and destress after. A hot bath or a long shower, or even some gentle stretches could help you to further prepare for sleep.

When it comes to getting to sleep, you should try to ensure that you have just the right conditions to do so. As tiny a thing as changing your bedclothes so you don’t overheat can make all the difference. Other people like to listen to sleep tracks that feature rain or ocean noises among others to help them drift off. If you need to fix a bad sleep cycle, establishing some of the ways in which you can do so will be important.


Fixing Your Bad Sleep Cycle

A bad sleep cycle can be difficult to live with, but it can also be fixed if you are willing to put the work in to do so. Simple changes like cutting back your caffeine and changing the way you prepare for sleep might be all that you need to do to be able to get the sleep cycle that you want. If you are currently trapped in a bad sleep cycle then don’t worry – there is going to be a way for you to fix it and get a restful night’s sleep once more.

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