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CALYN releases new warm R&B track ‘Kinda Love’


CALYN releases new warm R&B track ‘Kinda Love’

CALYN releases a new vibrant, dreamy R&B track ‘Kinda Love’. Following her sister’s musical footsteps, CALYN shifts between alternative R&B. ‘Kinda Love’ is a love letter to a mind-absorbing love; CALYN vocals float over the hearty, backbeat,  pattering guitar and drum beat. ‘Kinda Love’ combines several repetitive rhythms to mirror CALYN’s infatuation with her lover.

The idealistic love song is inspired by Etta James’ “Sunday Kind of Love”, and CALYN gives the Blues Artist a nod by quoting her in the opening line. The track has been described as creatively dreamy lyrics telling the story of a desirous infatuation. CALYN’s warm caramelised vocals are the perfect complement to the upbeat R+B track containing smooth and saucy undertones.

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