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Building your beauty empire with founder of Breaux Cosmetics Adeola


Building your beauty empire with founder of Breaux Cosmetics Adeola

Breaux Cosmetics is a new cosmetics brand specialising in highly pigmented shadows and eyelashes. Created in early 2018, the brand have had such great success and continue to make Breaux Cosmetics the brand for the woman who wants to look and feel her best. We spoke with founder Adeola who sheds some light on how to build a beauty business and the struggles she found in first launching.


Breaux Cosmetics was launched earlier this year and you have built a strong presence on social media in such a short period of time, how did you manage to do so ? 

I have always been interested in beauty & I am currently studying a degree that is heavily based on Creative Direction and Brand Marketing, I think this plays a big role in how I was able to create an aesthetic for my brand and create posts that others engaged with, it’s not easy and consistency is the most important part of it – I just try to post on Instagram and interact with followers on a daily basis which keeps things flowing! The beauty industry is huge and there are so many people to network with so it’s always great to build a strong presence on social media, particularly Instagram for me.


The brand started off with just lashes but has now expanded and have now launched an eyeshadow palette, what cosmetic item do you think you will launch next ? 

Yeah it’s actually strange how things turned out because initially when I was making plans before launching the brand, I was developing lip products first as they are my personal fav – I literally live for a glossy ombre lip! (my go to look for sure lol) but I underestimated how long the process would take, theres so much that goes into the creation of lip products like getting the right shades, consistencies, packaging, etc. So I started working on lashes simultaneously with the lip products and ended up deciding to launch the lashes first as I fell in love with so many of the styles that are stocked, but for the future you can expect a huge range of lip products – coming to ya veryyy soon and also more super pigmented eyeshadow palettes!


How long did it take you from when you had the idea to start your brand to when you launched? and what was the process you went through in launching the business with the lashes at first ? 

I remember the first time I ever had the idea of starting my own cosmetics brand, it was in 2015, but for some reason I kind of brushed the idea off and postponed it. At that point in my life I don’t think I would have been ready to begin creating a brand, I knew I had so much research to do as well as a lot of growing to do, I had to try other things out and really find myself. I have always been into creative things and freelanced in Fashion & Beauty photography for some years, but I realised that I wanted to keep that as a hobby and take on something else full time & that’s when I revisited the idea of a cosmetics brand in 2017 & I planned hard to put things together then finally launched in June 2018


What obstacles did you have to overcome when you were building your brand? 

I faced a lottt of obstacles but I always kept my vision in my mind, there were days where I felt impatient and unmotivated but in general I always find product creation/ development, photoshoots, marketing and things of that sort fun because it’s all creative and I feel like I have full freedom over whatever I create. It’s also hard to stay consistent and find a balance and I still learn so much everyday

Another obstacle is underestimating the amount of money I had to put in, it really was definitely a huge chunk of my savings & I funded everything on my own, but it’s an investment and it’s all paying off so I’m really grateful for that.


You currently run the company solo, do you plan to build a team in the near future? 

Yeah it’s pretty much solo, I have one of my close friends who I run ideas by sometimes when I’m unsure, she also helps out with marketing and finances so shoutout to her because she’s a babe. But I’m definitely working on creating a structure and having fixed roles and a team who I can consistently work with, but that will come with time as I’m a bit of a perfectionist. So while things are still pretty manageable on my own, I’ll continue to figure things out but I do know that at some point quite soon I’ll take a few people on and have a team.


You are currently also studying, how do you find the balance in running a business by yourself as well as focusing on your studies? and what is a typical day like for you in terms of balancing both? 

It’s not easy I won’t lie to you, I balance the business with my degree studies and I also work part time! On a typical day I might go to uni & head to work after uni, when I get in from work I’ll do a few things business related like send & respond to emails as well as prep orders to get posted the following day. My sleeping pattern is terrible I’m usually up in the am & then I’ll have a lay in the next day if I can. It gets hectic sometimes, but I make sure to always find a bit of time to myself, I’m quite hard on myself but I’m content with the way things are for now and I know things can only get better once I graduate in the summer!


When you first launched how many products were you selling per week compared to now ? 

At the beginning things were okay, I think I expected a lot more sales but I was still happy that a lot of my early customers were people who don’t know me & they were trusting me to be a part of their slay lol, that made me really happy. My first customer was one of my girls who had been waiting on the drop which I’m grateful for. After the first month the sales doubled and has been growing ever since, now sales are much more constant, there are quieter periods sometimes (as with everyyy business) but throughout I always try to remain consistent & appreciate the journey. Things that really boosted my sales were events, pop-ups and networking via Instagram. I’m sure that the majority of my customers find the brand this way so Instagram is the plug honestly


What advice do you have for others who may want to start a beauty line, and what was something important that you wish you knew before launching? 

The main thing I’d say is to take your time, go at your own pace for sure and don’t compare your brands to others. I’d also say stay consistent because it ain’t easy! I’m not an expert yet but if you’re working on a beauty brand I think its so important to develop the brands identity what makes your brand different? What is the theme of your brand? like have you put thought into the aesthetic and visuals? What market would your brand fit into, is it luxury or high street? These sorts of things are so important. I also think you need to have a plan so that you’re constantly working towards something – like really figure out where you see your brand in the next 1-5 years, make plans and work at them, that’s really it. One last thing I’d say is you need to be willing to make sacrifices and invest, it’s not an instant moneymaker you really have to work at it and treat it like your baby before it can really grow.



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