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Blissful Natural Settings to Escape to in the UK

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Blissful Natural Settings to Escape to in the UK

The UKs green and pleasant land can make for a blissful location in which to spend a mini-break with friends, family or a loved one. With a vast array of awe-inspiring natural landscapes, ranging from rolling hills, lush green fields and rocky, sea-drenched clifftops, wherever you choose to lay your hat on this island, you are sure to find the idyllic getaway you crave. With that in mind, below are listed four of the absolute best places to make your escape to in the UK.


1. Yorkshire Moors

Theres something terrifically windswept and defiant about the Yorkshire Moors. The grouse beds and rolling topography make it seem almost otherworldly, and with the Pennines a close proximityaway, youll even have some serious rocks crags to explore too. A delightful location in winter as in summer, Yorkshires countryside is extremely accommodating. Youll always find a cosy pub or inn arranged just for weary travellers looking to warm themselves by a fire. Stop in Leeds or York during your stay in order to get a flavour of Yorkshires fine people, too!


2. The Lakes

Perhaps the prettiest place in the whole of the UK, the Lake District is a staggeringly stunning place to explore for a few days. Find someone you care about, book some holiday, and search online for holiday rentals in the Lake District in order to truly immerse yourself into this natural wonder. In the summer, youll be able to take comfortableambles amidst the hills, but in winter, youll find the unique terrain and fierce winds make an exciting challenge for daily hikes. The thrill of wintry walks and the luxury of summer vistas make the Lakes a year-round hit holiday destination.


3. The Hebrides

Moving up to Scotland, youll not need to look much further than the Hebridean Islands for your blissful natural escape. A short ferry journey from the countrys east coast will situate you in one of a dozen finely-arranged islands, all of which have their own unique charm, character and world-beating whisky distilleries. The Isle of Skye is perhaps the most famous and the most touristed of this selection of gems in the Irish Channel, but why not do something unique, pack a tent in the car, and find your own private spot on a smaller, lesser-known island to call your own.


4. The South Downs

Beautiful in their own understated way, the South Downs are the perfect option for anyone living in London who just fancies a quiet, effortless and stress-free weekend outside of the Big Smoke. Ending on the south coast with the famous Seven Sisters rolling chalk-face cliffs, youll be able to take leisurely hikes along rolling grassy hills, with a fresh sea breeze whipping at your hair. Once again, there are plenty of facilities, inns, pubs and restaurants for hikers or chillers in this majestic green wonderland.


Theres no shortage of beautiful spots to explore in the UK, but listed above are the absolute gold-standard options in which to plan your natural escape.

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