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Beauty Products To Buy Yourself This Galentines Day


Beauty Products To Buy Yourself This Galentines Day

I don’t know about you, but I’m SO much more of a fan of Galentines than Valentines Day. A whole day to celebrate the women in your life who love, support and empower you on a daily basis – what could be more wholesome? If you’ve never heard of Galentines Day, it falls on the day before Valentines every year and, if nothing else, is an excuse to treat yourself to all those beauty products on your wishlist. I’ve put together a few of the best beauty treats that won’t break the bank – so get ready to pamper yourself (and maybe your besties too!) 

Make-Up Revolution ‘Reloaded Newtrals 2’ Eyeshadow Palette (£4, Superdrug)

If you’ve always coveted the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette but never been able to justify the price tag, Make-Up Revolution has your back. For just FOUR POUNDS, you get fifteen fiery shades of various pinks, oranges and reds. I’ve been searching for ages for a burnt orange/sienna eyeshadow shade, and I’m honestly so excited about this whole Newtrals range that Make-Up Revolution has launched. I’m predicting these are gonna sell out FAST.


Lush ‘Kiss Me Quick’ Wash Card (£2, Lush)

Okay, so not strictly a beauty product, but, I couldn’t resist mentioning this as it’s just so cute! Wash cards are a relatively new product from Lush, and they’re easily accessible at the low price-point. It’s basically a singular use shower gel that smells incredible, as you’d expect from Lush. The ‘card’ is mostly made from apple pulp so dissolves when in contact with warm water in the shower, releasing the lather and scents. Kiss Me Quick is shaped like one of those red lip sweets you get in pick’n’mix sweeties, and the scent is similar to those sweets too, but not quite so sickly. I can see myself stocking up on these before the Galentines period is over!

Collection ‘Lasting Colour’ Lipstick (from £2.99, Superdrug)

Another bargain find is Collection’s lipstick range. If you’re after a banging lippie, but don’t want to break the bank, then definitely check out Collection. They’ve undergone a significant change since re-branding from ‘Collection 2000’ in 2012 and their products are consistently able to rival larger brands products. I’ve been buying their lipsticks for around a decade, and I’ve never been disappointed. As it’s Galentines/Valentines, I’ll recommend a few of my fave red shades – Queen of Hearts is a pillar-box red that is very similar to MACs ‘Ruby Woo’ and Tropical Sunset is the perfect orangey-red for paler complexions.

So go wild – treat yourself (and your BFFs) and I wish you all the happiest Galentines Day ever. May it be filled with make-up, happiness and self-care!

Written By Poppy Hutchinson


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