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We had a great conversation, we laughed at each other’s corny jokes, he called me smart and beautiful and we both showed our interest. We exchanged numbers and went our separate ways but not before flirting with each other a little longer. Sounds like a great start to something cute and romantic right? Too bad my hotline didn’t bling with his number on my caller id. Why? Who knows, probably because he is a man who resides in New York City.

This is a common issue that I have had since I moved here. A guy and I will meet, introduce ourselves, have a great/banging conversation about any and everything and exchange numbers while discussing seeing each other again…then nothing. Radio silence. Being both Southern and almost 30, I decided awhile ago that if a guy wants to talk to me, he will pick up his phone and ring me up.  But it seems like a lot of the guys here don’t know what to do after they exchange numbers. I know this because when I grab drinks with my female friends we discuss this. Looks like we will continue to be dateless until those guys realise that Alexander Graham Bell did not invent the phone for them to not use it to take out great women.
Author: Nikita  Brown
Editor Paige Russell

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